Yan Simmon pantaloni linea Indy Denim
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Color and matter embody the essence
of denim. And with Yan Simmon,
this union becomes a mark of distinction,
of discreet elegance, to be adopted as
an calm and strong expression of oneself.
Indigo evokes the ambition of a simple and honest world,
a world in which an independent man
with an intense spirit may feel at ease.



The indigo world is born from the desire
to liberate oneself from the mainstream,
entering a state of freedom in which
it is possible to be independent
and do things one’s own way.

Denim embodies this spirit and becomes
a piece of us, of our history,
of the way we are.

Denim, kindred spirit.

kindred spirit

No story is without inspiration.
Yan Simmon Denim opens the way towards freedom: the freedom to come and go, to feel the energy evoked by the deep blue of our denim.

Yan Simmon pantaloni linea Indy Denim chiaro
Yan Simmon pantaloni linea Indy Denim dettaglio

Within indigo’s intense color lies the key to one’s independence; the denim sets us free, capturing the the essence of our history, our adventures, our life.


Yan Simmon pantaloni linea Indy Denim pattern

A color which gives us certainty and intense sensations, which are our own.

A color that holds in its heart the ocean’s strength, the sky’s vastness.

Yan Simmon Denim is for each and every one of us.